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Review Your Points

Your point balance changes every time that you add, update, or purchase contacts in Connect.

Your current point balance is located under your Screen name in the top right corner of any Connect page. Click on this number to view your point history.

The My Point History page shows your current total points, purchased points, and earned points.

If you are on a free plan, the purchased points column will always be zero. If you are on a paid plan, when you make purchases on the site, all of your purchased points are used before your earned points are used. Purchased points expire one date after the year of purchase, but earned points never expire. Click on "Expiration Details" to view the expiration date of any of your purchased points.

This page also shows any actions from the past 18 months that impacted your points balance. To see the specific actions that have changed your points balance, use the month filter below the Total Points column to select a recent month. If you performed any actions during that month, you can create additional filters based on the activity type: Challenge, Contribution, Penalty, Purchased, Refund, and Royalty.

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