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Purchase Points

You can use a credit card to buy points directly from Connect and use them whenever you need to, for up to a year.
Purchasing points is handy if, for example, you need to use funds that you’ve budgeted for purchasing contacts but you don't need to make the purchases yet.

The cost to buy points depends on your member plan:

  • Connect Free — $5.00 per contact
  • Connect 250 and Connect 500 plans — $1.00 per contact
  • Connect Plus 1500 — 50 cents per contact

When you buy contacts, you tell Connect how many you want. Connect multiplies the number of contacts you want by your plan’s cost per contact, and calculates the total cost for the number of points you need.

There’s a $20 minimum to buy points—so, for example, if contacts cost you $1 each on your member plan, you must buy at least 20 contacts.

  1. Hover your cursor over the My Account in the navigation bar and click Buy More.
  2. Type the number of contacts you want to purchase and click Continue.
  3. Review the Points Summary and Continue.
  4. Complete the Billing Information and Continue. Your Order Summary shows the amount to be charged to your card, and tells you when your purchased points will expire.
  5. Click Place Order to buy the points, or go Back to change anything.
You’re done! We’ll send you an email receipt confirming your order.

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