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Save Your Search

Save any search, so that you can quickly use the same search criteria again.
  1. On any search results page, click Save this Search.
  2. Name the search, and choose when to receive email when contacts that match your search criteria are added or updated:
Save Your Search Options

The Connect home page notifies you of updates to your three most recent saved searches, so you see at a glance which searches include contacts that were added or updated.

See the list of your saved searches in either of these ways:
  • Go to My Account | Saved Searches .
  • Click Saved Searches in the upper right of search results pages.

Save Search results page

On the My Saved Searches page you can:

  • Edit the search name and the frequency of emails you receive, or delete the search.
  • Run the search again by clicking the search name. The results include any contacts matching your search criteria that were added or updated since the last time you ran the search.

Saved searches only let you know about new or updated contacts—they don’t purchase the contacts.

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