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Search Using Keywords

The search bar is available on every Connect page. To find contacts and companies quickly, just type keywords into the search field.

Use any combination of uppercase and lowercase characters in your search keywords. For example, you get the same results whether you type Jane Doe or jane doe.

To see a preview of an active contact’s business card, hover your cursor over a contact’s name in your search results list. Connect hides the phone number and email of contacts you don’t own–to see all contact info, purchase the contact. To purchase the contact, click anywhere on the preview to open the business card and click Get Contact.

Type multiple keywords in the search bar to find contacts and companies that match all the keywords. For example, typing Salesforce software engineer finds contacts at who have software and engineer in their titles.

You can even use shortcuts in the search bar. For example, typing salesforce it dir finds contacts at whose titles include the terms director and information technology.

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