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Improve Your Contribution Rating

As you add and update contact and company info you earn a rating that reflects the quality of your contributions. Your overall rating improves or diminishes based on community activity on your contribution in the 45 days after you submit it.

Your overall rating is the percentage of positive ratings you earn out of all your data contributions. The more positive ratings you earn by contributing accurate information, the higher your member level.

Your member level is based on the number of positive contributions you earn. A badge on your profile identifies your level:

  • Rookie: Getting started! All members start with an empty puzzle-badge. After you’ve made 20 valid contributions you’re promoted to Prospector. You can contribute up to 5 contacts and/or companies per day.
  • Prospector: You have at least 20 valid contributions, and your puzzle contains a green piece. You can now contribute up to 20 contacts and/or companies per day.
  • Closer: When you have at least 25 positive-rated contributions–your original 20 Rookie contributions plus 5 more–you earn a second puzzle piece, blue. As a reward for your hard work, you no longer have a limit on your daily contributions.
  • Maven: With at least 75 positive-rated contributions you get your third puzzle piece, orange.
  • Rainmaker: You’re one of the elite, with more than 500 positive-rated contributions. You earn your final puzzle piece, purple.

Here’s how to keep improving your rating:

  • Be sure that the info you contribute is accurate. If other members update your contributions to correct inaccuracies, you’re penalized and your rating suffers.
  • Maintain the accuracy of your contacts. If another member updates your contacts with inaccurate info, be sure to correct it to avoid being penalized.

Here’s how Connect rates your Contact contributions:

Contact Ratings

Here’s how Connect rates your Company contributions:

Company Ratings

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