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Add and Update Companies

When you add or update a company you earn 5 points, and you help to maintain the integrity and high quality of Connect data.

To add a company:

  1. Click the down-arrow next to the green Add button at the top of any Connect page, and select A Company.
  2. Type the company's website address and click Next. A company must have a valid website to be added to Connect.
  3. Provide company information and click Add Company. Asterisks identify each required field.

    The Basic Info tab gives you access to contacts who work at the company. To see details of contacts at the company, click the blue links in the Contacts at this Company panel.

    The Locations tab shows company locations and the number of contacts at each. To see details of the contacts at a location, click the blue links in the Contacts column.

    The Domains tab shows the domain names, and the domain types—web URL and email.

To update company information

  1. Search to find the company to update.
  2. Click Update Company on the Basic Info tab.

    You can update all company information—website, company name, location, industry, number of employees, revenue, stock symbol, and phone number. Changing a company's headquarters phone number automatically updates phone numbers for all contacts at that address.

    If a company is incorrectly marked as out of business, you can reactivate it by marking it as active. Or you can deactivate a company by marking it as out of business.


    If you deactivate a company, all contacts at the company become inactive.

    Updates to companies with smaller numbers of contacts take effect immediately. Our Data Quality team reviews updates to companies with large numbers of contacts.

To add a domain or update domain info

  1. Search to find the company to update.
  2. Click the Domains tab.

    When you add or update a domain, Connect tries to access it. If the domain isn’t reachable, Connect routes the action to our Data Quality team for review. The Data Quality team also reviews domain updates that affect many contacts.


    If you delete a domain, all email addresses using that domain are removed from the system.

To move domains

  1. From a company’s Basic Info page, click the Domains tab.
  2. Click Update next to the domain you want to move.
  3. Select This domain belongs to a different company.
  4. Type the name of the company that owns the domain.
  5. Confirm the number of contacts to be moved to the new domain and click Save.

To merge companies

  1. Navigate to the Basic Info page for the parent company.
  2. Click Merge Company.
  3. Type the name of the company you want to merge.
  4. To merge the company, verify the information and click Yes.

Our data quality team reviews all company merges.

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