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Add Contacts Individually and In Groups

When you add contacts you earn points, which you can use to purchase contacts that other community members have added. You can add contacts one a time, or upload a file of multiple contacts. The number of contributions–contacts and/or companies–you can make per day is based on your tier. As a Rookie, you can contribute a maximum of 5 per day. As a Prospector, it’s 20. When you reach Closer and above, there is no limit

To add contacts individually:

  1. Click the green Add button at the top of any Connect page.
  2. Type the contact's business email address and click Next.

    If you enter an email address with a domain that doesn't exist in Connect, you're automatically redirected to the Add Company page to add the company. When you've added the company, Connect returns you to the Add Contact page.

  3. Click Continue to open the Add Contact page.
  4. Provide the contact's information. Asterisks (*) identify each required field.

To add multiple contacts by uploading a file:

  1. Click the arrow next to the green Add button at the top of any Connect page.
  2. Select A group of contacts from the list.
  3. In the Add multiple contacts panel, open the template and use it to prepare a file of your contacts. The template is formatted for you—just add the contact info, using the column headers and sample entries to guide you.
  4. Save the template locally and add your contacts to it.
  5. Click Select a file to browse to your file and open it.

That’s it! Connect uploads your file and opens your Submission History, which shows the upload status as In Progress.

You’ll get an email when your file has been processed and your points have been awarded.

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