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Earn Points and Royalty - Add and Update

Points are the Connect currency. You earn points by contributing contact and company info; you spend points to buy contacts that other community members have added. You become royalty owner when you add a contact, and collect royalties when other community members buy your contact.
Here’s how you earn points:
  • Add business contacts, either individually or by uploading a file that contains info about multiple contacts. You become the royalty owner of contacts you add.
  • Update information for a contact, even if you’re not the royalty owner.
  • Collect royalties. You earn a royalty point every time another community member buys a contact you added.

You spend points to buy contacts that other community members have added. If you don’t have enough points to buy a contact, you can buy more points using a credit card.

Some tips about points and royalty ownership

  • If you update a contact more than once in 30 days, you only get points for one update. For example, if you update a contact’s name you get 5 points, but if you update any of that contact’s info within 30 days, you won’t get extra points. There’s one exception: if you update a contact to add a direct-dial phone number, even within 30 days of another update, you get 5 extra points.
  • Only one community member can be royalty owner at a time. This means that if another member updates one of your owned contacts and thus gains royalty ownership of it, you lose royalty ownership.
  • You can use a credit card to purchase points from Connect. You can use purchased points whenever you need to, for up to a year. This is handy if, for example, you need to use funds allocated for purchasing contacts but you don’t need to make the purchases yet.
Table 1. How Many Points?
Action Points Effect on Royalty
Add a company. +5 You don’t become owner because companies don’t have royalty owners.
Add a contact. +5 You become owner.
Add a contact including a direct-dial phone number. +10 You become owner.
Update a contact’s non-direct-dial phone number to direct-dial. +5 You become owner, because this is a major contact update.
Update a contact’s email. +5 You become owner, because this is a major contact update.
Deactivate or reactivate a contact. +5 You become owner only if you purchase this contact, or if you previously owned it.
Update a contact’s name, title, location, or non-direct-dial phone number +5 You don’t become owner, because these are minor updates.
Another member purchases a contact of which you’re the royalty owner. +1 You remain owner.
Purchase a contact from another community member. -5 The original contact owner retains ownership.
Another member updates a contact you added or updated, or inactivates the contact within 45 days, and you do not contest the member action. -10 You remain owner if the other member didn’t gain royalty by the action.

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